Want to Draw Cartoons: A Good Cartoon Course Is a Must

If you love to watch cartoons I am sure that you will enjoy drawing cartoons even more. Imagine you are creating a figure like Micky Mouse or Power Puff Girls and showing the same to your friends, you will understand what I am trying to say. The feeling is really exhilarating. 4anime

To get started in this amazing world of cartoons you do not need anything more than a pencil and a piece of paper. But if you have never made drawing of anything then you may face some difficulty to draw cartoons with ease. That is natural, it happens with everybody so do not be discouraged. With a couple of days’ practice your work will improve a lot. so your challenge is, continuing your practice sessions. And at this stage do not show your work to others as any adverse remark can have negative impact on your motivation

After saying all this I would like to add a very important point here, that is if you want to make real fast improvement and want to produce pro like figures, you need to be methodical, that is you need to follow a good course on cartoon drawing. Even better option would be finding a good teacher who can give you personal attention. But to tell you the truth getting a good teacher can be difficult for various reasons, or that option may prove to be prohibitively costly for you. So by considering everything it can be said if you are serious, you at least should get a good book on cartoon drawing.

Here in this article I would give you some clue on how to select your drawing course book and how you should use it to get highest benefit:

Firstly select a book that has many open ended exercises, by the term open ended I mean the exercises should challenge your imagination. Simply copying a given drawing is not enough.

Secondly the book should cover all the basic techniques in good details. Showing lots of example drawings is not enough if there is not enough explanation to make the basics clear.

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